Monday, February 6, 2017

Mission Statement

Professional Networkers’ mission statement: Mike Akins is a network marketing leader and humanitarian. After many years of success in the MLM industry, Mike became concerned that so many very talented and intelligent networkers were not achieving the success they were capable of and deserved.

During the late 1980s, Mike decided to develop a team of professional success coaches (referred to as consultants) to support and train the members of his organization. Many of these staff members were humanitarians like Mike, pastors, and missionaries. A number of these individuals had worked in Mike’s conventional businesses.

As of the creation of his blog, many of these staff members have been with Mike for 20, 25, and some 30 years. Mike and his staff have combined their humanitarian and network marketing goals in order to make a difference in millions of lives throughout the world.

Nineteen years ago, Mike selected 4Life Research as the avenue to make this difference in as many lives as possible. The revolutionary discovery of transfer factors promoted through 4Life’s nutritional line of products would create an avenue through which we can bring better health to people beyond what any other health product has been able to do during his 49+ years in the network marketing industry.

The generous 4Life compensation program would serve as an avenue through which Mike and his staff could help deliver tens of thousands of individuals from their financial prisons.

Combining 4Life Research’s transfer factor products, its lucrative compensation plan, and the unparalleled training and support of his staff with Mike’s strategies and wisdom has laid the foundation to his present organization of 500,000+ distributors and customers (as of January 2017). The Professional Networkers organization contains 13 of 4Life’s 16 Platinum International Diamonds (4Life’s highest rank) and 87 of 4Life’s 112 Gold International Diamonds (4Life’s second highest ranks). Mike’s organization generates between $23 and $25 million (USD).

Mike’s training information not only addresses how to be a successful networker, but these principles can be applied to personal transformation and all types of relationships.