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We have a full support staff here to support you and your future team's efforts! You can maximize your efforts by leveraging yourself with a full support team!

Professional Networkers organization is a phenomenon in network marketing that has never been paralleled anywhere else in the world. Professional Networkers was founded by Mike Akins in 1990 as way to help build, train, and support members of his organization.

While many leaders in the network marketing industry concentrate on maximizing personal profits, Mike's focus has always been on maximizing the potential of his fellow team members and helping them reach their desired level of success. It is this philosophy of support and genuinely caring about the well-being of his team members that Mike Akins, his Professional Networkers staff, and fantastic leaders in the field have been able to create an organization of 500,000+ members and customers in more than 90 countries, which currently generates between an astounding 23-25 million USD per month in sales, within a company called 4Life Research.

Who is Professional Networkers? Professional Networkers is a staff of network marketing professionals, many of which have worked with Mike for 15, 20, and even 30 years, that Mike Akins has brought together for the sole purpose of helping people just like you achieve the level of success they are looking for. These staff members provide many areas of service, such as IT support, advertising, graphics design, success coaching, research, international support, shipping and logistics, and much more. All Professional Networkers staff members' support services are FREE of charge; you simply pay for materials and shipping costs, if applicable.

Support like this is what Mike Akins believes has allowed his Professional Networkers organization within 4Life to achieve some of the best retention rates in the industry. Proof of this can be seen in the fact that Mike's Professional Networkers organization within 4Life includes almost 80% of the company's top leaders (as of September 2016). There are also thousands of other members earning commissions anywhere from a few dollars to more than $170,000 per month. (The earnings of the distributors in this paragraph are not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a 4Life distributor can or will earn through his or her participation in the 4Life Life Rewards Plan®. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Many networkers just use the product and do not earn anything.)

Our Mission Statement:

The purpose, passion and mission of the Professional Networkers’ team members is to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. The staff is very unique and what we do is very unique. Each of the staff members’ lives have been empowered and mentored by Mike. This team consists of ministers, missionaries and humanitarians. Many of Mike’s team members have worked with Mike in various capacities for 20-32 years. Several of the team members have retired after 30-40 years of journeying with him and their children and grandchildren have taken their places. This team has performed missionary work together, has worked in and has been partner’s in Mike’s conventional businesses, operated half way houses, started a private academic school for disadvantaged youth, ministered the elderly and participated various humanitarian endeavors. Presently, 18-20 of these team members are focusing their humanitarian passion on providing a wide range of services for Mike’s 4Life distributors.

Support Testimonies:

Below are just a few of the thousands of emails Professional Networkers has received about our support and how it has benefited our marketing family around the world.

Hi Mike, 
Every time when ever i read your mail it gives be a super energy to reach the top, i mean i want to be the first platinum in india. Let us see what future is stored for me. warm regards Dr. Pradeep

I can honestly say in all my years in network marketing, I have never had the privilege of having an organization whose main purpose is to support the downline; that's what we have with Professional Networkers and Mike Akins. Even though, I am below two Platinums, a Gold, and an International Diamond leg in Mike's organization, Professional Networkers has always been there for me, whether it is to do a 3-way call, to answer product questions, etc, etc., and Mike has even been willing to do 3-way calls. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a leader, Professional Networkers will be there. This type of support doesn't happen anywhere else in the industry, and it's free to anyone who is in Mike's downline. We are blessed. Signing up now with 4Life you will have the great support of Professional Networkers and Mike Akins to help build your business. Wendell Jones

As you already you know, we have been with 4life a little more than one year, and during all this time, we and our organization have enjoyed the wonderful help of Professional Networkers Support Team! With the help of them, our organization in Central America and South America has grown and they continue being extended. We would like to give especial thanks to Virginia and Becky, for every hour that they have spent on the telephone with us and some of our distributors! It is very gratifying to work this business when you know that you have an effective support group like Professional Networkers, the help of our sponsors and at the same time the ones who relates to the us like this support team does. We can only describe it like this "e; we have an extremely pleasant feeling with them "e;! Once again, we thank you Mike, Virginia, Becky and to the whole team of Professional Networkers. We give our strong desires of health and success to you.
Luis and Julia Majo Checa.

Hi Amy,
Nice to hear from you! Thank you for your encouraging words. And thank you to Professional Networkers for the incredible support given during my experience in 4Life. Mike is a wonderful and great leader - a one-of-kind. Having met him a couple of times, I believe all members of the PN support team are like him in heart and spirit. This makes you very special. I'm privileged and proud to be associated with the PN team.
Kind regards,
Adrian with warm greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

From: Jan Alderman
To: Mike Akins
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 10:44 PM
Subject: Support Testimony from Jan

In my previous experience with network marketing companies, I had never received the type of support that I have received since joining Professional Networkers. In those companies, I was invited to attend meetings, which required an entrance fee, to hear product demonstrations and testimonies. I was encouraged to talk to lots of people. Only if you built a "e;leg"e; right away did you get the benefit of guidance from your upline. Otherwise, they moved on to a "e;super star."e; Well, I've always been a slow starter but a fast finisher. It takes time to do it right. Since joining Professional Networkers, I have been able to participate in only a few conference calls. In 4 hours, I have learned more than I ever learned in my short-lived 4 years of MLM associations. My sponsor has been wonderfully supportive and informative and is already helping me to realize my goals. The PN staff and hosts of the conference calls are so easy to talk to and are a wealth of knowledge. It was a pleasure to speak to Mike Akins on a conference call. After all, he is truly a "e;super star"e; and still takes the time to personally be involved in training his downline. That is just incredible. Even the participants on one conference call responded personally to me and shared their experience and knowledge. How can you not succeed with a team like this behind you? Thank you so much, Mike, Tim and the Professional Networkers Team. Jan North Carolina Jan Alderman

Mike, I can honestly say in all my years in network marketing, I have never had the privilege of having an organization whose main purpose is to support the downline; that's what we have with Professional Networkers and Mike Akins. Even though, I am below a Platinum, a Gold, and an International Diamond leg in Mike's organization, Professional Networkers has always been there for me, whether it is to do a 3-way call, to answer product questions, etc, etc., and Mike has even been willing to do 3-way calls. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a leader, Professional Networkers will be there. This type of support doesn't happen anywhere else in the industry, and it's free to anyone who is in Mike's downline. We are blessed. Humanitarianism: My mother, who is 77-years-old, was diagnosed with breast cancer 10 1/2 years ago that had already spread to the bone. She was given up to 2 years to live 10 1/2 years ago (she is still alive today thanks to prayer and supplementation). Recently, the bone cancer has raised its ugly head again as she just did not have the money to supplement the way she needed to against this raging disease. I have no brothers and sisters and it has been costing me quite a bit of money to help support my parents. We have been so blessed by what Mike is doing for our family. Mike has been giving me a tremendous amount of product each month to help with my mother's disease; we have never met in person (just over the phone). Without him, I would not be able to do this. Her bone cancer is not progressing nearly as quickly as one would think. Words can never express the blessings that Mike is bestowing upon my family through his desire to help . He reaches out and touches so many lives in so many ways; many leaders could learn from his humanitarianism.

Loranda (from Canada)

I thank you and PN and everyone there for being so caring and giving. I pray that God will bless the use of these, so that I will not only be able to return to PN through sponsoring and sales, but that I will also be able to help others to better their lives not only financially but also with good health and a renewed spirit of hope.

Bob Polster From: E Mojica To: Professional.Networkers.professionalnetworkers.com June 2006 Thank You Mike for everything you are doing for all the 4Life teams! You are a true leader. I wish you and your family Excellent Health, Peace, Happiness, Abundance.....and Spiritual Wealth 4Life......... I remain at your service........ Edgar Mojica (Gold International Diamond)

From: Sheri Din To: Mike Akins. Hi Mike, Thanks for ur email. So sorry for the late reply......., I've was out of reach in the east coast of Malaysia doing meetings over there. Thanks for all the web info. I have indeed promoted the use of your web services to my group. I think it is great, what you are providing to all PN members. I hope to be able to email you a picture soon. I don't have the latest one scanned in yet. I will try to do it when I go back to Singapore in a few days, and I will ask members who reach diamonds to email their pictures to PN. Would that be the support website that we email to? Since we're talking, I need to ask you a favor. I've emailed rebecca to ask some info abt the Juenesse Inst study of 198 products.... if it would be possible to send me the list of some of the products that were included in the study, it would be very helpful. So many people ask that question, but we don't have the answers for it. Can you help me with it, Mike? I certainly appreciate it.... I look forward to attending your meetings and training in KL, when you come over next. Allbest Sheri Din (Gold)

From: Marty Turner To: Kelly.com: HBC May co-op lead Kelly, Thanks, and yes I am glad for your advise on what to say to prospects. I have already tried to email Rebecca Hoedel but the email address is incorrect. Also has Chris got a script that he uses and that I could have - I ask this because I want to be saying roughly the same things that Professional Networkers are say in their scripts, so they know we are from the same organisation. Thanks again for your help Kelly. Regards, Marty (Marty in the UK)

Dear Joe Thank you for your support and I have start using www.pro-networkers.com/5994095.html Just to update that my contact information have changed. Appreciate if you can assist me to update. yenti_sandra.com Thank you for you assistance. Warmest Regards, Yenti Sandra (An International Diamond under Sheri Din a Gold International Diamond )

Hello Tim! I want to thank you for helping out my prospect, Clark Cook, with his questions and even signing him up! Wow, you were a great help! I really don't know if Clark would've signed up without your helpful hand and expertise! I was surprised to find this out last night when I spoke to Clark. Thanks again and I want you to know that I appreciate you! Pablo P.S. You may use this as a testimonial for yourself and Professional Networkers!

Hi Patricia, Thanks for getting back to me. I think I got off on the wrong foot in the beginning in that I was signed up by David Philips over the phone & did not get the proper paperwork sorted out. Nevermind, I am up & running now. I joined on 14th April 2005 and my Orders / Purchases have been as follows:- I thought I had joined as "e;Leader 4Life"e; but presumably the 100LP per month is done on a Calendar Month basis rather than 30 days from joining, since the above purchases should have been adequate. I have today printed off a Product Order / Autoship Form and have completed the details for "e;Backup Autoship"e; and posted it to 4Life Research. Hopefully that will make me legitimate. I would like to be upgraded to "e;Leader 4Life"e; as soon as possible and would be grateful if this can be done. You have been a great help - Thank you very much indeed. Kind regards, David Soulsby (Three Golds under Mike)

Hi Patricia, I received the script from Mike on replying to the ads in USA Today. In the script Mike says to schedule a time to take the prospect to the interactive conference call with a 3way call. I have 2 phone lines and I can do this most fo the time, but there are times when someone else in the family needs to use the phone, and it could cause a problem if I tie up both line for an hour or so. Is there any other way that I would be able to do a three way call. I also have a question about a success coach or success consultant that Mike mentioned in the cover letter He had sent out to the the person who responded to the Ad. It stated that the person would be assigned a success coach . I have never been asigned a success coach and I was wondering how important this is and how I would go about getting one. I have always gotten help from you or Amy or Mike or Jason or someone but not one specific person. This help has been wonderful and I greatly appreciate it, but if having a success coach would be beneficial I would like to know more about that. Thank You for always being there. Be Blessed Bob Polster (this distributor is two Gold's under Mike) Hi Patricia, I just realized what time you sent the replies to my emails. It's about 12am where you are right? I really want to thank you for the effort you have put in for us. We really do appreciate it so very much. Thank you. Ed. Koh (Ed is in Malaysia down about three Golds)

From: Bonnie To: jason.com: Emailing: Animated_TF_Advanced_Graph Hooray Jason, it works great. Thanks for all your hard work. I think this will be a great recruiting tool. The graph is wonderful. Have a great day, Bonnie (Bonnie is under two Golds down from Mike)

Hello Patricia, > > thank you a lot for your info. > All your PN team provides a great support and I really appreciate that Smile > > Thank you in advance. > > Best regards, >Alicia Krzywanska (Alicia is from Poland)

From: Bernice Mannon To: Patricia.com Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2007 2:57 PM Subject: Re: Success----magazine Hi Patricia, I just called your number and left you a message with my credit card number for 15 of the magazines. Please let me know by email if you got my credit card number--as a message left on your telephone -- and when the magazines will be sent. My address is below this email. Thank you for doing this for us. God bless you. Bernice (she is down two Golds under mike)

From: "Shirley's Wellness Cafe" <wellnesscafe> > To: "Amy@professionalnetworkers.com" <amy> > Cc: "David Phillips" <davidp44>; "HK Sharon HK > > Sent: Tuesday, April 17, 2007 10:55 PM > Subject: Re: 4Life - PDR Info > >> Thank you so much Amy. This is fabulous! Just what I was looking for Smile >> Shirley Lipschutz-Robinson

Dear Patricia, Thank you for your call and email. I also appreciate your kind words regarding the calls. I will try to get in touch with you in the next few days and we can go over all of this. Please give my regards to Mike and THANK YOU for the wonderful work that all of you do at Professional Networkers. Best regards, Dr. Olson. (This is Dr. Cynthia Olson an International Diamond)

From: David Phillips To: kelly@professionalnetworkers.com Sent: Monday, April 30, 2007 10:46 PM Subject: Re: 4Life - total for shipping and tax charged to card Hi Kelly, Thanks for the heads up. I am happy to help Shirley and Sharon in Hong Kong. Thanks for all YOU do for us. David (David is a Gold International Diamond)

Original Message ----- From: michael ng To: Mike Akins Sent: Sunday, November 07, 2004 1:05 PM Subject: Re: Touching base - 4Life Compensation Plan Hi Mike Yes, I have received the synopsis on the pay plan. Thank you very much for the great work done. I have already read through the 19 pages. Mike, there are now 3 Presidential Diamonds and more than 15 qualified Diamonds in two of my Malaysian legs and they are still growing very rapidly. This is just the second month after the Malaysian soft launch. My team leaders in Malaysia are getiing excited about the business and they wish to hold their own internet conference with Bernice Mannon and Bonnie Hornsby and also with me and indra in Australia. I am sure the Malaysians would very much love to have you dialogue with them on the conference, Please let me know if you have the time to be in the weekly conference and I'll get it organised. Thank you for all of the support that Professional Neworkers provides us even though we are under three Gold Internationals from you. Regards and thanks. Michael Ng (Michael is a Gold)

Dear Virginia, Thanks for the call and i really appreciate the kind of support your team is trying giving me.I am eagerly looking forward to be a part of your success. As decided i will be available at home tonite at 10 pm. I feel very lucky to be introduced to you and fernando and become a part of the professional networkers team . Looking forward to hear from chris and you. With regards -Rajesh. (this was two years ago before 4life opened India)

Mary-Gene and I wanted to thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Without all the Help from GOD and you our success could not happen. Thank You, Have a Merry Christmas and a Wonderful, Healthy, Blessed New Year. GOD Bless You. Ed and Mary-Gene

From: Leonardo Reyes To: angelia@mikeakins.com Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2006 7:41 PM Subject: Re: 4life greetings Hi, Wow! I didn't know you guys work this way. My name is Leo Reyes Im a correctional Officer in Orlando Florida. Married 24 years with 4 wonderful kids and 1 hand full grandkid her name Ariana..been trying very hard with MLM for many years with a little success. Now I know we have a great company and a fantastic product that we can take it to the world. My upline is Luis Rodriguez from Rochester NY and Julio, Rivera from PR Diamond International. I'll be very grateful for your help. God bless you Leonardo (Leo) Reyes

From: hong yong huat thomas To: <mike> Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 11:16 AM Subject: Re:- Million of thanks for your help > Hi Mike, > > Million of thanks with your help at addressing Mike Tan's comment and > offer. I will really be at a lost if I am alone on that. I have yet to > know or see such scan. > > Till then Mike, once again many thanks, take care and God bless you, > > Best regards, > > HONG Yong Huat, Thomas

From: Stewart Padilla To: mike@mikeakins.com Sent: Tuesday, January 10, 2006 10:29 PM Subject: 4Life success tip Hi Mike! first, I'd like to thank you for the AWESOME support you offer to your team. THANK YOU!!! Second, I'd like to request your weekly succes e-mail success tip. Thanks! Stewart Padilla

From: Edmund Koh To: "Mike Akins" <mike> Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006 4:40 AM Subject: Re: Fw: 4Life Natures Sunshine Stock > Hi Mike! > > I'd like to thank you for your kind words and everything that you have > done for us. I am having a hard time building an organization, and > honestly without yours and PN's support I might have just given up a > while ago. My dad's a very experienced networker but his strategy I > can't use, because he knows people in the industry that I don't. As a > grassroots distributor building an organization I can really > appreciate all that you have to share with us. Thank you. > > Edmond Koh (from malaysia)

From: markis To: 'Mike Akins' Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2006 9:46 AM Subject: RE: 4life Mark McCarty questions Hi Mike- Thank you for your email response to Penny; it is very good information indeed. I appreciate the great up-line support, it is very helpful. Best regards- Mark

Original Message ----- From: David Williams To: Mike Akins Sent: Saturday, August 23, 2003 6:18 AM Subject: Re: Touching base Hi Mike, I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me. Thank you for all of your support. You staff is fantastic!Thank you for your kind words, Mike, and I wish you continued success in the future. Your sincerity shines through! David (Tokyo)

Hi Mike, That was a great training tonight with much useful information. I feel that I understand the uniqueness of our TF product much better now. It would be nice to be able to review from time to time. Would it be possible to have this information transcribed and emailed out to the group? Thanks for all your efforts. I feel so blessed to be a part of your organization. Regards, Roy Buckle (Under one of our Golds)

From: Pat Millman To: Mike Akins Sent: Monday, December 01, 2003 3:41 AM Subject: Re: Welcome Dear Mike Many thanks for your prompt reply. I appreciate you are a very busy man and I must say that Maria answered my emails promptly too. I feel very blessed that when I phoned the Sydney office of 4Life, they gave me her email address and told me I was in her downline. I don't believe it is by accident either, as I do feel I am floundering a bit as I am such a newbie and some of my upline have not been doing this for very long either. I could hardly believe it, as no-one in my upline had told me anything about Pro-networkers. I immediately logged on, became a member and began to read the vast amount of information that you so generously share with us. As a newbie to network marketing, I greatly appreciate all that you experienced marketers share so selflessly. Especially as much of what you are sharing will have cost you a lot in both time and money. I truly believe in the Biblical principal that what you sow, you reap in life. I am sure you are finding that to be so in your own life Mike. I have been an independent 4Life distributor for 2 months now and the hardest thing has been buying good leads! I heard the interview you did with Opportunity Connections and found that very enlightening! Will these leads be able to be bought by all members, or only thos high up the the rankings? I am very pleased that my downline will have access to all your services. Where you have across one of your webpages that it is for US Distributors only, is that the testimonials? Can we download the page that shows the graph of the controlled studies they did on all the different products alongside TF and TF+? I am in Australia and don't have the luxury of being able to sell the products on-line to fellow Aussies. Have to advertise in magazines (very expensive) or newspapers to inform the public of the product and then have people phone me to order. I have a nursing background with research experience and get many queries both upline and downline about various things to do with the products. I have found your site very helpful with information that is easily understood by those without a medical background. The phone number you have given for the short call to introduce the business is very good. Can I send American potential signups to that number too? Again, thankyou for your time and I look forward to your reply. I will certainly be sending ALL new signups to your support services, as I know this will be very beneficial to building a healthy business. Pat

Thankyou so much Mike for one of the most amazing conference calls on Saturday morning that we have ever had the privilege of listening to. As you shared your thoughts with us, we realised again just how fortunate we are to have you as our Upline! Thankyou also to Neville for expressing so well your thoughts and feelings about Transfer Factors, 4 Life Research., and Mike and Professional Networkers--we felt that you were probably speaking for many of us. What a wonderful future we can help others create if they choose to, by simply sharing the benefits of Transfer Factors and 4life Research, with its remarkable, Seamless Global Business Plan. We are so fortunate to have the incredible support of Mike and Professional Networkers. Thanks once again, Mike! Regards, Marie and Michael

Rebecca, I left you a phone message yesterday. The owner of a health and wellness based publication/website would like to offer Transfer FactorTM on her site. I need to know how to advise her on how to incorporate the information on her website. She has a shopping cart section on the site, and would ideally have the customers order from the site, and have the product drop shipped to them. What is the best way to facilitate this? Thanks in advance for your help. It may be best for you two to talk. I am working hard to get to Diamond, and am in Dave Daughtery's line. Regards, Steve Fazia (Under a Platinum in Mike's business)

Hello Patricia, I hope this note finds you well and happy....and as always, thank you for all you do for us in PN!! Mike asked me to email you requesting that as many information packets (as in the ones made avaialbe for Mike's Long Island trip) be sent to our new distributor in Oregon, named Ray Bartholomew..... we will be giving meetings from him a week from this Sun in Oregon and any literature help would be greatly appreciated. Sept 18-19. You can check with Chris and Mike as to what I am referring to. Thanks again for all you do.. And have a wonderful day! David Markowitz

Hello Patricia, I've been away since the 1st wk in July and got back to Perth last morning at 0400 hrs and have only just seen your email - in answer - I do not know this guy and he is right down my line too - Michael could well know him - I am copying this to Michael, for his response. Thanks for your willingness to support. Have a wonderful day, Indra (Indra is a Gold)

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