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Who is Mike Akins?


"Mike is a dedicated humanitarian that cares deeply about others. He has served others through humanitarian endeavors since he was 19 years old.

His hearts desire is to genuinely make a difference in others lives. He has impacted lives across the globe through counseling, service, funding a private school, starting a church that helps train and support missionaries, opening up half-way homes and dorms for the homeless and so much more. In the last 26 years he has donated over 8 million dollars to terminally ill individuals to help meet their medical needs and other critical needs.

I have listened to so many stories about Mike and they never cease to amaze me and continue to show me how truly selfless he is." -Lauren Nichole Roberts

The Journey of a World- Renowned Networker:

"Mike started his networking journey when he was 19 years old. Now he is 70! So he has been networking for 51 years now.

When Mike first started his journey he was shy and an extreme introvert. When someone first introduced him to this industry he became motivated by the dream of possibility that was presented to him. So he decided to give it a try.

When he gave his first presentation he was so nervous he was drenched in sweat, and stuttered as he fought to just get a hello out. Next he turned towards his presentation board and in one swoop, his arm knocked the presentation all over the floor. Next he turned back to the crowd in total fright. He then proceeded to try to get through his presentation.

At the end of the presentation he felt like a complete failure and was so discouraged about his performance. As he knelt down to pick up his scattered presentation he felt a hand tap him on the shoulders. He drew in a deep breath and gained the confidence to turn and face the individual that had approached him. What happened next completely shocked him. He watches as the words flow out of his mouth "Can I have an application?". Mike replies "Really? I gave a terrible presentation. What makes you want to sign up?" The individual then replies with "Well, I thought about it and If you can do this then I think I can too."

What a beginning to such a tremendous story. Mike has since then been world-renowned as the world's greatest networker! He has been esteemed in trade magazines as "Mike Akins, the world's greatest networker with a heart for others". He has traveled the world and now has over 500,000+ members as of 2016! You know he has so many more now!

Mike's organization does between 23-25 million USD in sales each month and his business expands to over 90+ countries around the globe. He earns more than most even dreams and could afford to do things most of us only can dream of.

His story is such a beautiful inspiration. This journey of networking has helped pull Mike into his full potential. His journey is one that inspires others and hopefully inspires you to become your best you.

As Mike shared with me "The journey to your full potential is never easy, but it is worth it!" He has accumulated such life-changing wisdom over the years of his journey and he is sharing this wisdom with the world. He has discovered the key to unlock our full potential and now we can use it to allow ourselves to become our best us.

Mike Akins is a living legacy and is ready to share all he has learned with you". -Lauren Nichole Roberts

Investing 1/2 Million USD in the most extensive study ever conducted in the MLM Industry:
Mike was standing at the peak of success. He had achieved financial freedom, freedom of his time, freedom to be able to stop working and just let his residual income keep coming in month after month. But Mike is not someone that can just be satisfied with his success. His heart drives him to make sure everyone has the same chance he had.

He noticed over the years he had been networking that there were so many extremely sharp, capable, hard-working people that kept falling through the cracks of success. He analyzed and realized they were doing what it took to be successful, and asked himself, "why are they not able to achieve it or keep their success?".  

His compassion towards others in this situation really hung heavy on his heart and became a consuming thought. That is when he went to find research to study so he could determine these defining factors. When he started searching, he noticed there was hardly any true research on this industry. He had owned various businesses like restaurants, a truck stop in Alaska, a paint and body shop, tanning salons, workout gyms, karate classes, and more. He knew how important research in each industry was to maximize your success. So this amazed him that no one had thought to conduct a thorough study in the multi-level-marketing industry.

So Mike decided he would invest to have a very thorough study conducted on the industry so he could know the defining factors of more people being able to achieve their peak of success. He hired Research & Marketing Consultants. The first 3 1/2 years of the study they had studies 342 different leading companies in the industry. They continued to study over 1,000 different MLM programs and over 50 years of history of the industry. He ended up investing 1/2 million USD into this study.

The 1/2 million USD study of the network marketing industry identified several key factors that ensure the best criteria for success for the majority of people in the referral marketing industry.

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Joining Forces with 4Life Research:

Mike Akins and his full team of Professional Networkers decided to team up with 4Life Research in 1989 based on the findings of the 3 1/2 year study. The study revealed 4Life Research was the best of the best opportunity to get involved with for all seven categories of networkers.

Mike has an organization of over 500,000+++ members in over 90+ countries within his organization. 80% of the successful rank leaders are within Mike's organization thanks to the support of Mike's full support staff, Professional Networkers and some very talented leaders in his organization.

Mike has 13 out of 16 Platinum's (whom are the highest-ranking leaders in 4Lfie Research), and 90 out of the 112 Gold's (whom are the second highest-ranking leaders in 4Lfie Research) in his organization.

He is still building and is ready to work with you. We welcome you to become a part of his next 5000,000+++ members!

Please view "Our World-Wide Marketing Family" page to learn more about his team.

Mike's Mission Statement:

My life’s purpose and mission is to alleviate the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual suffering that so many individuals experience. I accomplish this by being a good example, sharing a wide range of information and providing a financial opportunity that the majority of individuals can do. Because of sincerely care, I provide a staff of dedicated supporters to assist my team members in their pursuit of financial freedom and relief.

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Professional Networkers’ mission statement: Mike Akins is a network marketing leader and humanitarian. After many years of success in t...