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Get to know your Professional Networkers support family:


General Office Manager

My name is Patricia, and I am the General Manager of Professional Networkers. I have worked with Mike for 26 years. I oversee all departments, and ensure that we as a team, carry out Mike’s heartfelt passion, to provide the kind of support for his team members that will empower them to fulfill their full potential. I am here to serve you, and help you live your dreams through this 4Life/Professional Networkers opportunity.

Assistant Office Manager and IT Department Manager

My name is Jason and I am the Assistant General Manager & IT Department Manager for Professional Networkers.

I have known and worked with Mike Akins & Professional Networkers in various capacities for around 19 years now.

Being the Assistant General Manager, means I am involved with many of Professional Networkers day-to-day operations. However, because the Internet & Technologies portion of our business is such a vital part of how we support our members, I am heavily involved with that area of support.

I thought I would share just a few of the things our IT department can do for you:

  • We offer our members FREE replicated websites with optional lead capture page & autoresponder capability. These sites connect directly to your personalized website, so potential team members can sign-up up and order products directly with you.
  • For those members with a busy life, we offer a fully-automated prospecting and follow-up system. This system does the telling and selling for you 24hrs per day, 7-days per week, 365 days a year—for a nominal fee.
  • We can also create custom landing pages or websites in circumstances where our members want to advertise internationally or in diverse cultures.
  • Are you looking to promote your website online through social media or search engine advertising? We can assist you with creating ads and defining your target market for maximum results.
  • We provide a graphics design department that can design various types of marketing materials to help you advertise your business. Whether you need a logo, flyers, brochures, postcards, business cards, banner ads, PowerPoints, or want to advertise in magazines or newspapers, we have or can create something to meet your needs.

Let us know how we can help. We are here to help you make your dreams a reality. See you at the top!

Manager of Nutritional Therapy Program

Mike and I decided to start the Nutritional Therapy Program 26 years ago to help others that are not able to afford what is needed to live life to their fullest due to a health challenge.

Mike lost his first wife to an aggressive cancer and his second wife to Huntington's Disease. He knows first hand how devastating losing a loved one due to a health trauma is. This tugged on his heart and inspired him to help others in similar situations.

Since then we have donated over 8 million USD to help individuals around the world with their medical needs and other critical needs. Our heart is to help everyone we can to be able to live their best quality of life both in their personal health and their emotional well-being.  

My husband, Mike has a true humanitarian heart. There are hundreds of lives that have been impacted by his giving heart.

We actually only live on about 5% of our income and we donate the rest towards this program and other areas like the private school we fully find.

The support staff we work with have some of the most special and caring hearts. You will be working with a team that truly cares about you if you decide to partner with Professional Networkers, my husband and I in this journey.

Director of Internal Development

I have worked with Mike for 27 years. I am the Director of Internal Development. I develop and train our staff on internal procedures and processes. A main function of my job is to coordinate how work flows into and between departments. I work with our Distributor Relations department to ensure the requests and needs of our distributors are fulfilled in a timely manner. In our Logistic Support department, I work to ensure the information packets and free getting started packets are processed as quickly as possible so your prospects and new recruits receive their marketing materials as soon as possible. Logistics support also works with our downline partners on translation of materials into other languages, locating resources such as lead sources, setting up strategy sessions with you and your downline team, downline surveys and much more! When you have questions, we can help get the answers for you.  

Management Liaison

My name is Kelly. I am the Management Liaison here at Professional Networkers. I have worked with Mike for the past 25 years. Through the years, I have worked in all the different departments here at Professional Networkers. I was very actively involved with the process of opening India back in 2007.  During that time, there were more than 40,000 emails going through my office from 2007-2009.
Since we offer so many services in our various departments, it is important that we maintain open communication between managers so we are all on the same page. As Management Liaison, I help coordinate projects between the departments and work with our managers to make sure things are operating smoothly. And, since I have worked in all of these different areas, if any of our different departments needs some extra help from time to time, I am available to jump in and help out.
I look forward to working with you and your future team. I'm here to help out in any way I can.

Senior Success Consultant

My name is Shayne and I am a success coach and international consultant.

I have been working with Mike in one capacity or another in Professional Networkers since graduating high school. I have been part of PN staff for 25 years. 

I am responsible for prospect follow up from our various ad campaigns and marketing systems. I am also responsible for 3 way call training, strategy session, conference calls, and meetings.

I was instrumental in opening the Indian market, as I was the first one in PN to travel and establish distributors there and have traveled to several different countries that are currently building towards becoming the next 4Life open market.

Senior Success Consultant

My name is Chris. I am a Senior Success Consultant for Professional Networkers and Mike Akins. I have worked with Professional Networkers and Mike since 1988. My department supports our marketing family with training conference calls, webinars, individual training, and hosting seminars here nationally and internationally.

Success Consultant

Hello I'm Joe.

I have worked with Mike for about 30 years now

Here at the home of Professional Networkers I am consultant and what i do is support you our down line team in various media outlets. Such as conference calls, training calls, webinars, meetings and so on.

I believe in the heart of what Mike is all about. What he does through PN and many of his humanitarian ventures here the in the U.S and around the world. He is not just interested in his own success but also the success of others.

I joined the PN team because the nature of this team is to help you to unlock your potential. Partnered with 4Life I believe we all can explore the opportunity here to and achieve that goal. Team work makes your dream work.

Manager of Logistic Support

Hello, my name is Barbara. I am the manager of our Logistic Support team. I have worked wth Mike for 30 years. 

Our Logistic Support team provides the proper tools needed for you to achieve your full potential and have long-term success in this organization

Director of International Relations

My name is Rebecca. I started working for Mike Akins in 1989. I was the general manager for the truck stop he owned in Alaska. He sold this business in 1995 and invited me to Kansas to continue working with him.

I started working for Research and Marketing Consultant. I was one of the researchers in the study Mike conducted of 342 network marking companies the first 3 1/2 years of the study. They went on to study over 1,000 different companies.  I was there when he selected 4Life as the #1 opportunity.  

In 1998, I transferred to the Professional Networkers staff. I have worked my way up from Logistic Support, to a Success Consultant, to Central Office Manager and now Director of International Relations.

I am very grateful to Mike for giving me these opportunities. The relationships I have built over the years with other staff members and downline partners has been most rewarding. It has been a privilege to witness firsthand the improved health and financial freedom of so many distributors and customers worldwide.  

I look forward to many more years in assisting others and their efforts in changing lives with the transfer factor products and the 4Life opportunity.

Manager of the Research Department and Manager of Quality Control Department

My name is Angelia Howard. I am the daughter of Mike Akins. I have worked with my dad for 31 years. I am the manager of both the Research Department and Quality Control Department. My responsibilities are to make sure what we do meets the quality my dad requests.

I also coordinate the request of research that our distributors ask for throughout the world. We have distributors who have health conditions and they want to know if our products could be beneficial to them. Sometimes there are products we do not market that could benefit a distributor or customers condition and we will recommend those products as a humanitarian gesture.

I am here to make sure you get the best quality of support so you can blossom into your full potential in this organization.

Senior Success Consultant

Hi, my name is Wendy Gray. I’ve worked with Mike Akins for about 9 years. 

I am the Senior Success Consultant. I help our team form strategies for members to grow their business & get training to work their businesses. 

Logistic Support and Social Media Team

Hi, my name is Kylie. I am Mike's granddaughter and have worked in logistic support for 3 years now. I am a part of the social media team and currently in training to be a part of the IT department.

I look forward to a lifetime of success with you and your future marketing family!

Logistic Support and Social Media Team

Hello, my name is Kaitlin. I've worked with Mike and Professional Networkers for 3 years now. I work in Logistic Support and on the Social Media Team. I work in various support areas and do whatever is needed in Professional Networkers.

I’m excited to be involved in helping you achieve success in this opportunity.

Logistic Support and Quality Control

Hi, my name is Amber. I have worked with Mike for over 17 years in Logistic Support and other areas such as Quality and Control. Our logistic support department works wherever needed to help maximize your success such as the call center, surveying fellow marketing family members to assure their needs are being met, and a number of other services for our marketing family.

One of our team's strengths is the ability to be flexible in the areas most needed for our marketing family. Whatever needs arise, Professional Networkers will be ready to meet those needs.

I look forward to a lifetime of success and friendship with you.

Logistic Support and Social Media

My name is Kendrah. I have worked with Professional Networkers for 2 years now.  I have really enjoyed interacting with people from around the world and seeing their dreams become reality! 

I work in various support areas from preparing professionally designed packets to email correspondence or phone interaction with our world-wide marketing family. 

I am also a member of the social media team, keeping you and your marketing family up to date with latest tools, support services and news! So remember to follow us on all our social media sites like our Professional Networkers Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog and more!

I am excited to see you and your leaders stand at the peak of your success!

Social Media Team and Logistic Support

Hi, I'm Larry. I have worked with Mike for 30 years. I work in Logistic Support and am a member of the Social Media Team.

Professional Networkers staff offers support in a variety of areas to assure you get the type of support you need as an individual.

We understand that everyone has their own unique talents and strengths that make them the person they are. We understand if we can help you come up with a system that is specific to you as an individual you will thrive in your personal success.

One size does not fit all! I don't see everyone walking around in a size 2! I know I don't! LOL. We understand how vital it is for you to reach your peak of personal success by leveraging your strengths with the right tools for you.

We are here to assist you as a unique and one of a kind individual!

Internet Department and Graphics and Design

Part Time Internet Department and Graphics and Design

My name is Brock. I work part-time with Professional Networkers in the Internet Department and Graphics and Design Department.

I really enjoy designing new marketing tools for our marketing family. Our goal is to make sure you have whatever tools you need to support you in your journey to success.

Social Media Team

Hi. my name is Brent. I am apart of Logistic Support and the Social Media Team. The Logistic Support department I work with provides a wide range of support services to our members. I am very passionate about making a difference in their lives.

Part Time Senior Success Consultant

Hi, my name is Lauren. I worked as a full time success consultant, IT support, help manage the Social Media Team, assist in the Graphic Design Department and more  for Professional Networkers for a little over 6 years and now work part time.

We are here to offer free, targeted training to our marketing family around the world.

Some of the things my department does is travel to host meetings with our world-wide marketing family, webinars, Skype sessions, conference calls, 1 on 1 training and group training. We also do 3-way calls with your prospects to help train you.

I first met Mike and this team of Professional Networkers when I had just turned 18. I saw the difference they were making in lives across the globe and knew I wanted to be apart of whatever they were doing.

I started in the stock room, organizing inventory and ran errands (yes, I was the coffee gal at one point.) Through the years I have been privileged to work in various departments and have heard feedback from distributors in the field that touch my heart. You can actually read some of the support testimonies on our "About Us" page.

We look forward to a lifetime of friendship with you and walking step by step with you as you journey to your full potential!

Check out this video introducing
our various staff members!

Professional Networkers
Mission Statement:

The purpose, passion and mission of the Professional Networkers’ team members is to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. The staff is very unique and what we do is very unique. Each of the staff member’s lives have been empowered and mentored by Mike. This team consists of ministers, missionaries and humanitarians. Many of Mike’s team members have worked with Mike in various capacities for 20-32 years. Several of the team members have retired after 30-40 years of journeying with him, and their children and grandchildren have taken their places. This team has performed missionary work together, have worked in and have been partners in Mike’s conventional businesses, operated half-way houses, started a private academic school for disadvantaged youth, ministered to the elderly and participated in various humanitarian endeavors. Presently, 18-20 of these team members are focusing their humanitarian passion on providing a wide range of services for Mike’s 4Life distributors.

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Mission Statement

Professional Networkers’ mission statement: Mike Akins is a network marketing leader and humanitarian. After many years of success in t...